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We are so glad you are thinking of us to provide your beef needs. Due to the pandemic circumstances we are experiencing higher than normal requests. Please proceed with your online order to be added to our waiting list. You can send any questions to info@StaffordAngus.com or text/call 443-309-1775. Click NEWS FROM THE FARM on this page to see updates and current offerings as well as where to find some of our products locally. We appreciate you and hope to provide your family with our beef & other products. Stay well!
-Jeff Stafford

We are Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania’s premier provider of All-Natural Black Angus. We are located in North East MD. Our locally raised, premium beef is a product of genetics, quality feed, and proper care. There are NO GROWTH HORMONES used at any time. Our cattle are raised on our family farm. They are always treated humanly and fed only the best feeds, mostly grown on our farm. You should always know as much as possible about your food and buy local when you can. For your beef look no further than Stafford Angus. When we say “from our family’s farm to your family’s table” that is what we mean.

We are now taking orders for Summer & Fall 2022. Please include in the comments of your order the earliest you’d like your order ready. If anything opens up when you specify we will give you a call. You can comment ASAP as well. Federally Inspected, Custom cut, vacuum sealed and boxed.

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Our Steers

After the first 5 – 8 months on pasture with their mother, our calves’ diets move slowly toward grass and free choice grain. After weaning, they are moved to another barn with fresh air, clean water, and clean bedding where they are fed corn silage, hay and grain that is based on corn and barley all grown right here on our farm. The grain is mixed with soybean meal and minerals to complete a balanced diet always targeted to the animal’s nutritional needs. Our steers have room to move, unlike most commercial feed lots.

Steers are finished at 16 -18 months of age and yield 820 – 950 pounds of meat hanging weight each. Grain fed, young age, and a low stress humane environment gives our beef its high marbling and tenderness. Stafford Angus beef consistently grades USDA “high choice” or “prime”, two grades higher than what you find at grocery stores.

It is also less expensive because you buy directly from me, the rancher.

Stafford Angus beef is all natural, quality, and local. Stafford Angus beef is also antibiotic and hormone free. From our family to yours.

Tiny Taco Beef Tarts

  • 12 ounces Ground Beef (93% lean or leaner)
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1/2 cup prepared mild or medium taco sauce